BERNINA 990 Information Landing page

Now for the first time, you can be one of the very first to own one. The new top-of-the-line BERNINA 990 — THE ultimate expression of Swiss engineering, precision and innovation. And you will be one of the exclusive first to use it.

How Does It Work?

Simply make a 100% refundable* deposit and it will guarantee your place in line and make you a Charter VIP Member of the B 990. These Charter VIP Memberships are very exclusive and only have a limited number of spaces.

What Does It Mean To Be A Charter VIP Member?

First, you will be part of a limited elite group that receives exclusive perks. Most importantly, your machine will be one of the first ones to arrive in your home before any other consumer machines have left the factory!

Each week, we will release a little more information on this amazing new machine to our Charter VIP Members. Little appetizers prior to the BIG DAY reveal at BERNINA University (BU). As a Charter VIP Member, you will get to see the live unveiling of our top-of-the-line flagship machine. We know you will be breathless! It’s that amazing.

You don’t want to wait, remember your deposit is 100% refundable*! You can change your mind if it’s not everything you were hoping for, but we’re pretty sure it will exceed your expectations. Charter VIP Memberships are limited, and with this, you are guaranteed to receive your machine before any others ship out. If you miss this opportunity, there is no guarantee when you will receive your machine. We anticipate a huge desire and that could mean a long wait unless you are one of the lucky elite few who took advantage of becoming a Charter VIP Member.

*All deposits on the B 990 machines are refundable from the dealer you chose and gave your deposit to. All dealers are independently owned and operated. All refunds will be made by the Dealer, they receive all deposit monies. Refunds can take up to 15 days to clear once issued depending on how the initial deposit was received. Dealers have the right, if they choose, to pass through up to a 3% fee from the credit card processor associated with taking a credit card which could reduce the amount of the refund. Please speak with your dealer regarding any questions on refunds.